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2019-03-19 Martin MichlmayrSet default for vote_election:winners for SQLite master
2019-03-15 Martin MichlmayrFix HTML syntax error
2019-03-11 Jonathan McDowellForce UTF-8 encoding when printing emailed voter list
2019-03-11 Jonathan McDowellFix email-votes to cope with votes with votes
2019-03-10 Martin MichlmayrUse secure http links for
2019-03-01 Martin MichlmayrAdd script to email contributing members about open...
2019-02-27 Martin MichlmayrAdd script to send membership statistics by email
2019-02-20 Martin MichlmayrFix a typo
2019-02-20 Martin MichlmayrRemove change email from TODO list
2018-09-07 Jonathan McDowellAdd ability to change email address
2018-09-07 Jonathan McDowellFix long (> 80 characters) line
2018-09-07 Jonathan McDowellFix where -> were in new member email
2018-08-03 Jonathan McDowellFix active membership cleanup date check
2018-07-21 Jonathan McDowellAdd mention of where the code can be found to README
2018-07-21 Stefano Zacchirolibase.html template: add source code pointer to footer
2018-07-14 Jonathan McDowellAdd clarification about how to specify voting preference
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