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2018-08-03 Jonathan McDowellFix active membership cleanup date check master
2018-07-21 Jonathan McDowellAdd mention of where the code can be found to README
2018-07-21 Stefano Zacchirolibase.html template: add source code pointer to footer
2018-07-14 Jonathan McDowellAdd clarification about how to specify voting preference
2018-07-12 Jonathan McDowellPass vote system type through when creating vote
2017-06-19 Jonathan McDowellSwitch default voting system to Scottish STV
2017-05-27 Jonathan McDowellAdd ScottishSTV as a voting system, powered by OpenSTV
2017-02-27 Jonathan McDowellEnable voting system selection and default to more...
2017-02-01 Jonathan McDowellMerge remote-tracking branch 'new/master' into fix
2017-02-01 Jonathan McDowellRemove old PHP based members site in preparation merge...
2016-08-19 Jonathan McDowellAdd knowledge of number of winners to votes
2016-08-02 Jonathan McDowellAdd a Condorcet variant that doesn't ignore unranked...
2016-08-02 Jonathan McDowellRemove use of timezones in voting system
2016-08-02 Jonathan McDowellFix subscribing new contrib members to -private by...
2016-08-02 Jonathan McDowellPrevent voting for the same option more than once
2016-08-02 Jonathan McDowellFix operation with SQLite3 backend
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